Monday, July 9, 2012

Easy dinner recipes from The Laughing Cow: Honeydew It Again Salad is a cheese recipe you’ll love! | The Laughing Cow

Easy dinner recipes from The Laughing Cow: Honeydew It Again Salad is a cheese recipe you’ll love! | The Laughing Cow

This month of September has been the worst for me!

As I sit here sipping on the Vanilla Coke and finishing up a bag of chips. I think I finally got an epiphany that some shits gotta change. Man this year didn't go anyway that I thought that it was gonna go. By now I should be at least 50 pounds lighter that what i was. So much for that for sure. I actually gained weight. My heaviest yet. Don't know the exacts because I am afraid to see the numbers on the scale. I need to start all over again. I think I'm okay with that though. I think its time for me to get up off my ass.

This month of September has been the worst for me. As we know i have Hypothyroidism. I had stopped taking my medicine because it wasn't making me feel any better so i thought. Well on the 3rd of Sept I started being real weak no energy.and that went on throughout the weekend. then on Sept 7, 2011. i had the worst feeling i ever had in my life. I was sitting at my desk and all of a sudden i became very lightheaded, almost unable to hold my head up. Couldn't stand straight, couldn't walk head hurting, shortness of breath.muscles were stiff. I seriously thought i was gonna have to go to the emergency room but Thank God i work in a company with a free clinic because i was able to see a Dr. as soon as things went down. Someone escorted me down to the clinic because i was unable to walk by myself.  So went to the Dr at the free clinic. Said that he couldn't really notice too much from just the normal test Dr 's do with checking your eyes and reflexes and listening through a stethoscope to hear my heart. So the nurse took me in and did all my blood pressure and blood sugar test. My blood pressure was so high and my blood sugar was very low. On top of me not taking my medicine which i needed to be taking every day and stopped taking for over a month... UGGGGGHHHH! They gave me a Boost nasty drink and told me to lay down that i needed to be escorted home because it was no way i could drive home. I went home and crashed out. I was not feeling well at all. and lets just say its day 15 and i still am not feeling 100%. I think its gonna be with me until i get the medicine in my system and back working properly.

I got to get better. i need help though. I don't know who to seek physical help from. I joined a gym. but i feel lonely and don't feel like I'm getting what needs to be done, done. I bought a Wii, but I don't have the time or money to commit to working out on it. I know just seems like more excuses. I need to be on one of those workout shows so that i can be pushed.

(I wrote this 9/27/2011....never posted it)

Hard Time

For some reason I have been going through a hard time these last couple of weeks. I have been starting and stopping! I have been eating bad then feeling bad. I have been feeling depressed. Not sure y though?

(Dont know when i started this nor y i didnt publish it but now is the time!)

Reset Button:I am recommitting myself to myself again!