Monday, March 14, 2016

Weekly goals or nah?

So my friend Shan sends out this weekly tweet to myself and two other Lovelies..shes like a great accountability partner.. This week the question was, what are your goals for the week? In my brain I had a million answers, so I thought. But as I sat trying to put down a great answer, I got nothing.. Damn...why am i struggling with a goal for, when i saw this tweet i was like OK, I got this, let me as i typed but then i got stuck...its like i almost doubted myself as soon as i thought of a goal...again.
My initial goal I was I was thinking about was that, I'm gonna be on time all week to work...but i cut that short when i realized that i was already late this morning. Then i was like my goal was to work out in some sort of way(walking, gym, Wii, joining a class) but cut that short because I'm going out of town in the middle of the week and knew that right after work I would be hopping right in bed. Then I just froze. Like why am I blocking my own self. I realized, looking back now, that I do this a lot. Before I can start something  I doubt myself and then low key talk myself out of it. I mean like all the damn time, I Do This! AAAAHHH!!! I have to figure out a way to be my own cheerleader instead of my biggest doubter. So all in all..i guess that's my goal for the week! I will be a cheerleader for myself rather than a doubter! Boom!!!