Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Damn sleep apena

So i've been going through some Medical issues too. I was Recently diagnosed with Sleep apena .YOU know that Sleep disorder that requires you to sleep with a Cpap machine. Yeah I Legit thought I would be More energized AND Ready to wake up early or at least on time. Well all through the night I am Pulling the damn thing out of my nose Because it is Just irritating. But sitting at work in training with a straight sleepy face looking like a straight Bish...sorry..not sorry...shit I just realized I didn't put lotion on my feet..legit forgot I was gonna be around people...lmao..oh well....i don't think they are too crusty..anyway...later

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

It's on now!

On the daily I have so many stories that I feel like i could share..just been lazy..sometimes we just need to get it out! I have decided yet a- fucking-gin that I have to lose this weight.. Well I have had some success..i will give u a little back story..

I started August 1, 2016. So i was like fuck it imma go full in..broke as hell...i signed up for three months of weight watchers bought a fit bit to make me a little more motivated (it works) and decided no more fries, minimum pizza (fav), oh No Soda and some other changes...and just went full force...switched off that  food like a switch..well the first week I had to go to Richmond for a week..did good..walked as much as i could..didnt eat out as much...ate good breakfast..drank healthy smoothies..was feeling good...when i got home after that week I was so excited to get on the scale to see if i had made any changes..well i got on that damn scale and that joint said negative 14 pounds...14 ma-fuckin pounds down! Oh I was hypeeddd.. i told my mama, grandma, called my bff...was so damn motivated..i went walking that same day! So yay!! I was happy! But let me tell u..that same happiness didn't last too when i first weighed my self..i weighed myself like 4 times before I was like this is real....untill I still couldn't believe it and stood back on that scale the next morning...and yeah it said ....+14 pounds...WT entire F? I mean what just happened...i didn't eat anything fact I had been eating like a fucking bird..and not a vulture, a bluebird..smh..yeah allllll my motivation went out the window. I was so hurt like man this sucks...that was the worst day..


The next day I kept going..see if u know will know i am a picky eater..not by choice but yeah...i hate it so much! So food has always been my struggle..just trying to figure out what to eat. This is a everyday battle for me.

So update:
It's been a whole month and I rather than what i used to do, work out Extra hard and going in...i tried to change my eating habits to see if i will at least lose something with only making slight changes. I go to my weight watchers meetings weekly and they really do help..just lets you know all women and men have issues with their bodies regardless of your size...i secretly side eye size 3 bishes sometimes but hey maybe they need help too..

So today Sept 6, 2016. I have finally hit 5.2 pounds down..i so happy. Now when i start working out foreal thooooo!!

Bish it's on!!!

*excuse my excessive .... and curse words and grammar and misspelled words*

Monday, March 14, 2016

Weekly goals or nah?

So my friend Shan sends out this weekly tweet to myself and two other Lovelies..shes like a great accountability partner.. This week the question was, what are your goals for the week? In my brain I had a million answers, so I thought. But as I sat trying to put down a great answer, I got nothing.. Damn...why am i struggling with a goal for, when i saw this tweet i was like OK, I got this, let me as i typed but then i got stuck...its like i almost doubted myself as soon as i thought of a goal...again.
My initial goal I was I was thinking about was that, I'm gonna be on time all week to work...but i cut that short when i realized that i was already late this morning. Then i was like my goal was to work out in some sort of way(walking, gym, Wii, joining a class) but cut that short because I'm going out of town in the middle of the week and knew that right after work I would be hopping right in bed. Then I just froze. Like why am I blocking my own self. I realized, looking back now, that I do this a lot. Before I can start something  I doubt myself and then low key talk myself out of it. I mean like all the damn time, I Do This! AAAAHHH!!! I have to figure out a way to be my own cheerleader instead of my biggest doubter. So all in all..i guess that's my goal for the week! I will be a cheerleader for myself rather than a doubter! Boom!!!

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Bish What?

So today is Feb 10, 2016. Ive managed to still be in this weight loss rut. Thinking again that I need to loose this weight. Iwww am at the heaviest ive ever been in my life. I know that I need to change and im unsure why I cant make myself get up and go to the gym anymore. Im more embarrassed that im still in this position. I sometimes dont know how to get motivated..I have to learn how to motivate myself. I need to do something..

Ive always thought I was fat or pleasantly plump for better terms. I really only notice it when I see full length pictures of myself. Probably why im a selfie queen. I mean I am beautiful as fuck..well my face. Ive heard a couple of times, from close friends and family, that If I JUST lost the weight I wpuld have the total package! Bish what? Bish I am the total package. Well thats what I tell myself anyway. But I guess it's the truth. I guess they just try to help. I mean I need to loose weight. Thats just point blank period!

It starts with me!

Today I start, AGAIN!

Im just gonna leave my thoughts here. Not for likes or views..just a place for me to vent since I dont have that husband or boyfriend yet! Ha!

I still hope I can be in extreme weightloss..imma still submit my . App when it's need some help seriously with this!

Well thats all for today!