Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Gone for a while but still on my Grind!

So yeah i been gone from my blog for at least 3 weeks. I apologize for my absence. My job has me working like crazy for the past weeks and hitting the gym after work has me dead tired when i get home. But i have been doing well on my weight loss goals. Now after my first 12 pounds were lost i have just been stuck for a while. Still trying to keep to my changed eating habits and drinking water. Every now and again i slip in a soda. Which i really need to stop. And another confession, after having my 4 year old niece and hardly any sleep i had to eat a little bag of cookies. the grandmas cookies. But i drank like 5 bottles of water! and i think i worked it off at the gym today! but yeah. For Lent( i know u are supposed to keep it between you and God) but i have giving up all unnecessary snacking. I am doing ok so far!
So three weeks ago I had just started going to the spinning class! Well lets just say I LOVE IT!!! The only thing that I hate is that seat! I bought a seat cover and everything but it still tears that little area up!!(That may be TMI) But I have been going for four weeks straight and it gets easier and easier each week. My first two weeks I was hardly keeping up with the class. Now I am keeping up with them on almost everything. Sometimes I'm so busy adjusting my ass on the seat I miss something. LOL! But I don't plan missing a class at all. I even went to a class half sick. I did see a class today that looked mighty interesting. They were stretching and doing some routine. I don't think it was zumba but it could have been.
But it has truly been a journey!! I am excited! I am going to try and update a little more than every 3 weeks. Talk to you later! MUAH&MUAH!

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