Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Day Two!

It’s been a long day! Work is crazy, but I will be aight!! Okay so I am so excited about this blogging thing. On my free time-*what free time* I have been looking up different templates and searching other folks blog trying to get ideas and just inspiration! Well it is a pretty nice day outside today and I wish I was in enough shape to go running. Seems like a good running day! I have to confess I have not been to this gym that I am paying for in about a month, due to illness and just being tired after a long day at work. But I have to get back on my grind. I keep looking at all these show and infomercials and I believe I can do it too. Sometimes a person does need motivation. I am going to put some pics of the size I used to be and the size I am now! ugghhh!*can’t look* >>maybe that will be my motivation. Until now I have not really shown any real body shots. Only head shots. Cause you know I am sexy! HEHEHEHEHEHE! Instead of having this vanilla milkshake sitting on my desk it should perhaps be water. I swear I was doing so well. I don’t even know my weight Right now and really I don’t even want to get on a scale. But that is a must! I know I probably be working but hey. Ill call this my smoke break. Hopefully I will learn some more new things tonight!

The Before! Ta-Da!!!!

The After! *yeah i know right*
All I know is that i definitely like the before better! And i am going to get there!! I have to get my stats so that i show my progress from day one to the end!! Ugh! that scale! Well I will be back soon!!!!!!Peace <3

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