Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Getting my lazy A** up!!

Okay so last night I went out shoe shopping! Cause I know I need them. I was looking for some all black ones. but of course they, like all other shoes today, were bright and just too colorful. Boy those good running/walking/workout shoes are expensive. Whoo! But i did manage to come up with three pair that i am intending on getting this weekend.

Next I am going to wally world and get me some of those $5 sweats that they have. I have a couple other workout pants and shirts so I am set. I have made the rest of this week only water. I am doing well with it too!! I got me a trusty water bottle and months ago I joined my offices water club, where we split the big water thingy bill down evenly. So I have ample access to it. For a while I had been just drinking ginger ales. Sometime seriously I do need a soda or tea. I am starting to LOVE orange juice so I try to drink at least two glasses of that. Sometimes I get orange and pineapple, my favs. I try to buy fruits but they seem to always go to waste. Maybe I should keep them in the fridge at work where I can easy access them and could snack on those through out the day. I also have decided to start a food journal. I hear that that is a good way to keep track of all the unwanted foods that I know I don't need. I guess will start that today. And i will post to let u see the madness i have been putting in my body! We will see!! PEACE! Muah and Muah!

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