Tuesday, January 25, 2011

HELP!! Need Help! Ugh!

So on Monday! Whew that day started off bad. Mondays are my long days! I usually don't get home until 9:30. and yesterday was the same. I had a lot of stuff to talk about for yesterday but at this moment my mind is completely blank. Oh well!

Well Today started out good. I somehow pulled my temporary filling out of my tooth yesterday because i kept on having these crazy headaches and it had to go!!! Pulled it out with floss..Ewww..i know. probably TMI! but any who. I had a very productive day at work today. Got a lot of work done. Still got about an hour to go before I hit the door!!

OK So weight loss, umm yeah! A girl needs some motivation ova here. I keep coming up with all these excuses. Like I don't have the right shoes, which is true cause my Jordan's and other shoes hurt my feet when I'm walking on the treadmill and doing other exercises, or i don't know what to wear. Its a mess. I don't know why I just cant get my ass up and go! I mean I really enjoy my work outs when I go! to many excuses. I wish I had a Wii or the Xbox Kinect, *omg that so fun* but I really don't have any space to even do it in my house. My room is like someones closet..(October),Ii would prob never get off a video game cause I love them! My Nintendo DS isn't helping! Im hopeless. Sorry to digress. I mean seriously my meds have me feeling some type of way some days. I mean really for the past month its been pretty bad. I have been sick, sluggish, tired and just out of it! I know its my meds among my eating habits and not being healthy. I have Hypothyroidism and I have to take my medicine so that it speeds my metabolism up, but the exchange is have not so good days. It pretty much sucks!! I hate taking the medicine, but one of my resolutions for the year is to take it everyday! I have been doing well with that, so far! But seriously i need some motivation! ugh! Need help! Until next time Muah and Muah!

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  1. Don't make me have you spit "Excuses" big sis! LOL. Excuses are tools...you know the rest...hahaha. I know its hard, don't let your thyroid issue get the best of you babes! Call me anytime, keep me in prayer as I keep you in mines!