Monday, January 24, 2011

The Weekend!!

So this weekend has been a crazy one.. Quick, fun, emotional and just I don't know. I don't have another word for it. On Friday I was so content on staying at home. I remember when you couldn't catch me at home on a Friday night. It was like a sin or something...but anyway I stayed home and got a few things done. Laundry, did some bills and financial organization. Watched Lottery Ticket. It was actually a great movie. I was dying laughing at most parts...and just relaxed. I took me the most relaxing shower that I have had in a long time it was just a great night and plus no one was home with me..Thank God!(probably why it was so relaxing for me).

Saturday, my family celebrated my grandmother being sober for 22 years. We actually had a great day. We went furniture shopping because that's really what she wanted, and just spent quality time together. it was great! After the long Journey of  actually finding some furniture that she liked, after about a year of searching for the perfect set, we celebrated at Ruby's!! I had been wanting some mozzarella stick for a minuet now..(i know that's bad) But i ordered the classic sampler which includes Chicken fingers, mozzarella stick and cheese and bacon fries. While ordering i said to myself ok this is the last time I'm ordering this. But I actually got full off the salad bar. I ate raw spinach, grapes, a couple pieces of cheese, sunflower seeds, and olive oil..i don't like any dressings anyway. I ended up wasting the rest i ate one cheese stick and one in a half chicken finger and like eight fries. I just didn't want it!!! but after dinner i went home and crashed.

On Sunday i was just having one of those days. I just didn't want to leave my bed. I wasn't in the mood for church or getting dressed. But it happened. i got up got dressed and went to church. Sometimes i have those days when I'm just feeling a hot mess! i hated what i had on, my hair. i was just Uncomfortable!! but while i was sitting there i thought to myself..pssst Your in church its not about u right now chick. So i relaxed my mind and concentrated on the service and not that my smedium ass sweater was riding up my back. and i got through it. I didn't even want to socialize i just left and went home and took them clothes off and snuggled in my bed to watch TV. All day i was like yeah I'm going to the gym. yep I'm going then i looked up and it was 12 midnight. Oh well for that. I swear where did my motivation go. I was on my grind a couple months ago. But imma get it back!! I got to!
 Until next time! <3 Muah and Muah!

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